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2016 Wedding Trend Personalisation

Ursula Forrest - Friday, August 21, 2015


One of the hottest wedding trends is all about "personalisation". This luxury wedding trend is focused on creating a wedding celebration that is uniquely yours. 

Some ideas for personalising your wedding:

Wedding Stationery / Printables

  • Have a sign made with your initials
  • Commission one of your favourite local artists to hand-paint a design for your wedding stationery
  • Wax seals are a huge hit this season - have a wax seal made with monogrammed initials
  • Hand write your wedding invitations or commission someone to do calligraphy for you

Food & Beverages

  • Create a Groom and Bride signature cocktail
  • Have a Champagne bar featuring your favourite Champagnes from wine estates you both love
  • Serve your favourite wines from local wine estates you both love
  • Have a tasting station featuring dishes / food you both love (cheese, olives, chocolate etc) 

Music & Entertainment

  • Mix up your music - Orchestra to play popular pop songs with special meaning to you both
  • Provide unique entertainment for your guests
  • Dance to your favourite song or go to dance lessons and treat your guests to the Tango or a dance you have both learnt together

Wedding Favours

  • Provide a home-made wedding favour - if you/ family member are talented in the kitchen, make something special for your guests
  • Buy wedding favours from local places close to your wedding venue (Olive oil, Honey, Jams)
  • Ask an estate to blend a special wine for your guests (keep some for your baby's wedding shower or to celebrate your first wedding anniversary)

The secret with this trend is to have fun and only incorporate items that have meaning to you. You do not need to personalise every aspect of your wedding! Less is more. Surprise your guests with an element that they would not usually expect.

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