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Ursula Forrest - Monday, August 24, 2015

Congratulations on your engagement! Now that you’re engaged, suddenly everyone is asking you about your wedding day and you’re not exactly sure where to begin. 

Here’s a quick list to get you started.

  1. Plan an engagement party – your engagement party sets the tone for your upcoming wedding celebration and is the first official event you will host together as a newly engaged couple.

  2. Set your wedding date – this is often a delicate topic and we have some suggestions to help you select the ideal date:
    • Take into consideration birthdays or special events within your family and your close circle of friends (especially your bridal party)
    • Be aware of public, school & religious holidays
    • Plan at least 12 months ahead for family & friends that need to travel from overseas or if you are planning a destination wedding and require your guests to travel to your wedding destination

  3. Begin a wedding inspiration board –Save any photo’s and ideas that inspire you for your wedding.

  4. Start a wedding planner –List all your To Do’s and view our wedding checklist to make sure you have not missed anything out.

  5. Determine your wedding budget – this is key to planning your wedding. Use our wedding budget tool as a guideline for what you should be spending on each element of your wedding.

  6. Devise your guest list – once this is done, it can be tweaked but at least you will have a guideline as to numbers for all your planning.

  7. Find a reception venue – this is no easy task as there are so many spectacular venues to choose from. Contact one of our team if you need help with sourcing and securing the perfect venue.

  8. Search for your dream wedding gown – this is one of the most exciting tasks of your wedding. Be sure to take your mom and Maid of honour with you to give you advice and to take photos of you trying all the different wedding dresses on.

  9. Get professional engagement photo’s – weddings are becoming even more personal and many couples select to have professional engagement photo’s taken which they then use on their wedding website and wedding stationery.

  10. Consider hiring a wedding planner – planning a wedding is not easy. A wedding planner can save you a lot of time and money and will ensure that you get the wedding of your dreams.

  11. Book your Minister / wedding officiator – make sure your Minister / wedding officiator is available on the wedding day you have selected.

  12. Hire your wedding photographer – the top wedding photographers are very sought after and are often booked up to a year in advance.

Once the top 12 tasks are done, you can then start properly planning the details! Above all, have fun and if you find the task of planning your wedding too daunting or you require expert advice, we would be happy to help you plan your wedding or put you in touch with other expert destination wedding co-ordination companies or our suppliers.

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