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06 Dec 2013

Wedding budget: Who pay’s for what?

By Ursula Forrest |

The traditional rules of the brides vs grooms parents paying for specific expenses are falling away. These days most couples pay for their own wedding with their respective parents contributing towards the overall wedding and in some cases even towards the honeymoon. Having said this, figuring out your wedding budget can be a bit stressful and tricky. Here are some questions you should be   Read More

29 Nov 2013

Pick your Date

By Ursula Forrest |

Congratulations on your engagement! Now to choose your wedding date. A one year engagement is the norm and will give you enough time to plan, book and hire the wedding specialists you need to create a flawless wedding. Many couples like to choose a day that is significant to both of them, however there are a number of factors to take into consideration before deciding on your wedding date:   Read More

29 Nov 2013

Wedding Planning

By Ursula Forrest |

Planning the perfect wedding can be daunting. Our advice is to start with your wedding budget. Once you have determined your budget, the next step is to calculate how much you would like to spend on each element of your wedding. Use our wedding budget tool to give you a guideline of what you should be spending on each of the main elements of your wedding. If you are not using a wedding planne  Read More

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