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Wedding budget: Who pay’s for what?

Ursula Forrest - Friday, December 06, 2013

The traditional rules of the brides vs grooms parents paying for specific expenses are falling away. These days most couples pay for their own wedding with their respective parents contributing towards the overall wedding and in some cases even towards the honeymoon.

Having said this, figuring out your wedding budget can be a bit stressful and tricky. Here are some questions you should be asking as well as some guidelines that will help you determine how much you have available to spend on your wedding.

What does an average wedding in SA cost?

The average wedding in South Africa costs R80K. You can budget using the following split:

Wedding Reception 48 -50 %
Wedding flowers 8-10%
Music / entertainment 8-10%
Wedding attire 8-10%
Wedding photographer / videographer 10 -12%
Wedding invites 2-3%
Gifts / favors 2-3%
Wedding planner & other miscellaneous items 8%

This is a guideline though as you may find that a wedding photographer is more important to you than your wedding décor or vice versa. It is vital to decide what your main priorities are and then budget accordingly.

Who’s paying for the wedding?

Sit down with your families separately and ask them if they are willing to contribute towards your wedding and if so how much. That way you will have an exact amount to budget with.

Traditional wedding breakdown (the good old-fashioned way if you are lucky enough to have folks willing to foot the bill!)

Bride’s Family

Wedding announcements
Church or synagogue & organist or sexton
Wedding consultant/ planner
Gown & accessories
Reception including reception venue, flowers, photographer, videographer & music.
Transportation for the wedding party.

Groom’s family

Marriage license
Bride’s bouquet
Rehearsal dinner

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