Boutique Bridal Concepts


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Wedding Flowers - where to start?

Planning a wedding, let alone your wedding reception decor can be quite daunting. Do you have any questions regarding your wedding flowers and wedding decor you would like to ask our Featured Partners?
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Wedding Accommodation

When selecting accommodation for your guests there are a few factors you need to consider. Your guests budget if they are paying for their own wedding accommodation, the wedding accommodation providers proximity to your wedding venue, do they serve food, have room service, provide any additional services? Read more about booking your wedding guests accommodation in our wedding planning articles.
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Wedding Stationery

Deciding what wedding stationery you need and what style of stationery you would like for your wedding can be tricky. Ask our in-house designer or our fabulous wedding stationery Featured Partners for some advice or to design your wedding stationery for you.
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Grooms Attire - What should he wear and why?

Selecting what the Groom should wear to a wedding is a very personal choice. This choice however will always be dictated by the style of the wedding and the chosen wedding theme. Many brides-to-be will also select a colour scheme which Grooms should be cognisant of. Do you need some expert advice?
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Photographers - how to select one?

Choosing your wedding photographer is a very personal choice. What factors should you consider when selecting your wedding photographer?
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Videographers - how to make your wedding video more memorable?

Engage with our expert Videographer and Featured Partner from Missing Piece Films about what makes the perfect wedding video.
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