"Love one another and you will be happy. It's as simple and difficult as that." Michael Leunig

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88 Upper Recreation Rd
Fish Hoek
Western Cape

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Tel: + 27 83 400 8785
Email: hello@claireharries.com

We are all so much more than a pretty smile. I want to add the reason behind it… The way you met, the story behind your ring, your wished-for children. To capture that glint in your eye as you dust off your love story & retell it. It is our history that makes us beautiful, our little quirks that make us so unique. I am passionate about authenticity & telling your tale. If we all shared just a little bit more, we could learn so much from each other. As stunning as something may be, it is as empty as a perfect stock image without the truth behind it. It is the people we love that ignite the light in our eyes & it is our inner beauty & strength that is truly breathtaking.

Though images speak volumes, words can weave a whole world around a moment frozen in time & set the stage for these stories, never before told.

“We are all gifted in a unique & important way.
It is our privilege & our adventure to discover our own special light.”
~Evelyn Dunbar
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Claire's beautiful work is now in print! A modern fairytale 'frozen' style shoot to give you the most amazing inspiration.





Newborn Photography
Beauty Shoots
Fashion Shoots
Event Photography
Engagement Shoots

Clients receive:

* An online gallery with high resolution images for printing.
* Low resolution, email/Facebook-ready images to show the world.
* Online blog post featuring your most stunning pics. Written by my professional copywriter, to complement my images & truly capture the love behind your story.

Specialized services:


My assistant & stylist, Shelley, ensures that nothing stands in the way of me capturing every spontaneous moment of your day! As the most magical pictures lie in the unexpected! I am able to stay focused behind the lens, whilst her eye for detail & whimsical touches will make sure that your vision is executed, nothing is amiss & everything is as seamless, relaxed & breathtaking as you have dreamt since the day you said “yes”!

A truly creative soul, Shelley is also my professional copywriter. After being such an integral part of your special day, she will be able to write about your wedding from the heart, in such a way that will transport you back there! A keepsake on my website, for you, your friends & family to fondly relive, as my gift, to you! Her style is dreamy, romantic, quirky & heart warming. She is also able to assist with creating memorable wedding
words, vows, speeches, love letters & readings.

Should you desire help conceptualising personal touches, that will add smiles & happy tears to your day, Shelley loves nothing more than to dream up ideas alongside you, to help make your wedding, & photographs, truly unique. A wedding is your chance to tell your love story in the most poetic of ways. It should be filled with so much more than pretty décor, it should echo your relationship, & what makes you so irreplaceable to each other, & the people in your lives! Sentimental, beautiful, original moments are what will live in your memory, long after the flowers have faded. Stirred emotions are as intrinsic to beautiful photographs, as light. It is, after all, the light from within I so wish to capture.

Whether you wish for Shelley to help assist me & style your day, polish your wedding words, &/or brainstorm fresh ways to personalise your wedding, we can arrange a quote within your budget accordingly.


The time between bended knee & I do, is surely the most magical of your life! You decided your love story will have no end! Forget the flowers ~ focus on that & everything will be beautiful! Let me capture the stars in your eyes, the way he looks at you & the dreams you have, before you wear white & bring tears to his eyes. Right now, nothing is a certainty, except for your love ~ And that, is everything!

This is what it’s all about: You, him, & why your souls are forever entwined. Your romance is unlike any other. This is the part where all those dreams start coming true. These are the pics that will forever remind you why you fell in love.


* Additional images can happily be retouched at an extra fee.
* Exquisite Coffee Table Albums – In a variety of prices & sizes.
* Mini Brag Albums. Perfect gifts for the parents of the bride & groom to treasure.
* A Photo Booth is an awesome way to capture spontaneous pics with your guests. I have a number of contacts I can share with you, should you be wanting to hire a Photo Booth.
* If you are lucky enough to get married in a dreamy, exotic location, please let me know so I can arrange a quote for travel & accommodation.
* I will also gladly travel anywhere in South Africa.

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Once upon a time, I lived in the Netherlands, where I would wake to fields of impossibly pretty tulips. As I watched rainbows grow around me, I knew I needed a camera worthy of their show-off splendor! And so, my journey into the wonderland of photography began. Of course, a camera does not come ready trained! And, my love of people far outweighs that of flowers. So, with a burning desire to become the best I could possibly be, & a wonderfully supportive husband, I began immersing myself into learning absolutely everything I could, from every master of the art I admire. And may the illumination never end!

I am so inspired by raw emotion, tender kisses, infectious laughter, playfulness, quiet introspection, honesty, natural beauty, & above all, light! Nothing fascinates me more. There is so much beauty & magic in this world, if you just choose to focus on it. I have the extraordinary privilege of capturing “ordinary” miracles. Love stories so filled with hope & butterflies that I believe in fairytales anew! All that every human being wants & deserves ~ is for eyes to light up when they are seen. I live to capture that light in the eyes of the ones you love. Making happy memories eternal, that I know will help to light any darkness that may come.

It brings me such joy to celebrate the innate beauty that lies within every woman. My years of body building posing gave me a true appreciation of the female form, but leaving that world taught me infinitely more: That we are far too hard on ourselves, & that beauty is in fact the opposite of perfection. It is the thousand little details that make you, you ~ it’s the quirks, the confidence or the sweet shyness. I love to give my gorgeous clients the gift of seeing themselves anew & glowing, through my lens & eyes.

The mother within me lights up with every child’s smile, because I know all too well that those chubby little hands that hold you so tight, one day let go. Those cherished milestones flash by like dazzling shooting stars, gone too soon. My years of being a teacher, my three gorgeous girls & being the eldest of six sisters, has instilled in me the gift of endless patience & little tricks that bring out the joy & unique character of even the wriggliest of cherubs!

I have a passion for magical, styled shoots, bringing my vision for living art & pretty little things to life. I equally adore lifestyle shots, capturing life as it unfolds: From expectant parents caressing a bump so filled with dreams, to the way a new dad looks at the miracle lying in his arms with awe, to the tangible love between a mom & her whole world & the delight of siblings sharing a tender moment, all bathed in dreamy light. I have the honour of immortalizing love, colours & delicate details ~ something my eye became finely tuned to through my sugar craft training. But even the prettiest of cakes just end up eaten! I have an insatiable desire to not only create happy memories that will never fade, but for my work to inspire the passion in others.

When I look back on the treasured pics of my childhood, meticulously documented by my father, and my pile of tattered journals that whisper my journey, I want nothing more than to share your story, yet untold. My parents have played a monumental role in my life. They created an atmosphere that allowed me to feel safe to explore, to learn from my mistakes & practice until I succeeded. I grew up believing that the world truly is my oyster & that everything is possible. Turning my dream into my job is living proof of that! We all have a divine purpose. This is mine. And, with all the beauty still out there, my work will, thankfully, never be done.