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There are many factors to consider when choosing the perfect engagement ring and wedding band for your significant other!

Besides the 6 C's which establish the value of the engagement ring, you need to consider your fiancé's personal style, whether you would like to purchase a ready-made engagement ring or if you have the time and budget to have a customised engagement ring designed and manufactured for you.

Our featured partner, Trigg Jewellers are at hand to answer any questions you have relating to  engagement rings, wedding bands, designer luxury watches and custom-made jewellery and by mentioning Boutique Bridal Concepts and my name, will receive exclusive discounts on your purchases.

For engagement ring inspiration, visit our Pinterest board and Instagram page.

Once you have selected your engagement ring, the next step is to plan the perfect engagement proposal. We would love to help you plan a unique and romantic proposal and your engagement party. Your engagement party is the first celebration you will host as an official couple and this will set the tone and will help determine your wedding guest list.


Trigg Jewellers & Fine Watch Specialists

Trigg Jewellers is an established and leading jeweller that has delivered exclusivity, luxury quality and committed service for 80 years and continues to provide unparalleled expertise and craftsmanship in all metals, stones, cuts and designs.

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