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2016 Wedding Trends - Bridal Hair & Hair Accessories

Ursula Forrest - Friday, July 31, 2015

2016's hottest bridal hair trend is simply gorgeous! 

Floral crowns and jewelled head pieces are part of each brides bridal wear for 2016 and this trends certainly complements the enchanted fairy-tale like dresses that have been seen in the 2016 Spring Bridal Collections.

Brides are opting for beautiful, bespoke custom-made head pieces made from jewels, crystals and beads. Maria Elena seems to be one of the favourite design choices of brides around the world. (image bottom right) 

Floral crowns are as on trend as jewelled head pieces and certainly as pretty. Many brides we think will also opt for floral crowns that match their bridal bouquets or they may even opt for a floral crown instead of a bouquet.

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