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Romantic Destination Weddings in South Africa

Ursula Forrest - Wednesday, November 06, 2019

10 Reasons why I love destination marquee weddings in Cape Town, South Africa!

  1. Bridal couples have absolute flexibility to design the wedding of your dreams with no limitations except for your imagination.
  2. There are a number of fabulous locations within an easy 2 hour drive from Cape Town and even less from CT International Airport.
  3. Guests can be accommodated within easy distance to the venue making this a much safer option for travelling after a big celebration.
  4. At Pat Busch Mountain Resort almost all 120 guests can be accommodated on site and alternative accommodation is within 5-10 minutes of the resort  (one of may favourite Western Cape venues!)
  5. Most venues offer a range of on-site activities for guests and there is no shortage of excellent wine estates for those wanting to adventure further afield.
  6. Located in the majestic vineyards, most locations offer exquisite natural surroundings and views of the mountains.
  7. There are no time restrictions and your guests can socialise and celebrate with you as long as you want them too!
  8. There are multiple locations for your ceremony, pre-reception and reception and no marquee wedding is ever the same!
  9. Guests fly in from all over the world to spend time with you. You can really make this count by all being together and enjoying pre and post wedding days with a range of exciting and different options from beautiful beaches to city shopping and sleek restaurants to experiential outdoor activities and cultural sight-seeing for all ages!
  10. Cape Town is the culinary capital of South Africa and we have an incredible array of chefs ready to create bespoke and creative menu's that will tantalise every foodies taste buds!

When planning a destination wedding and especially an outdoor marquee wedding there are however a few important considerations to factor in:

  1. Weather - no matter the time of year, always have a Plan A and a Plan B. One of the most challenging weddings I have ever coordinated was Danielle and Johan's marquee wedding at Pat Busch where we dealt with extreme heat and extreme wind which delayed set up by 3 hours. Without an experienced team so many things could have gone wrong as weather is one thing that is beyond your control and you need a team that knows how to handle situations when they do not run according to plan!
  2. Reliable wedding suppliers who are experts at working at destination wedding venues. Caterers need to know what it takes to work at a venue that often does not have it's own kitchen or where the facilities are big distances apart!
  3. Preparation of floor plans for your wedding ceremony, pre-reception drinks and reception layout - suppliers will need these to set up your wedding according to your vision.
  4. Budget - a marquee wedding can be a lot more expensive than hiring a wedding venue as everything needs to be trucked into the venue! Some venues do offer their own furniture for hire but I find that most couples prefer to bring in their own styling and personal touches.
  5. The distances between the catering facilities and your pre-reception and reception area - it's advisable to have a good operational plan to ensure suppliers are well coordinated and all wedding services run smoothly
  6. Facilities available and to factor in additional requirements such as lighting, ablution facilities and sometimes even bringing in your own kitchen!

I love every minute of designing and coordinating marquee weddings and I am truly grateful to all the wedding suppliers I work in collaboration with to design, plan, style and coordinate dream weddings for destination bridal couples.

Our weddings are entirely bespoke and tailor-made to each bridal couples specific wedding vision and budget. 

Collaboration and team work is absolutely essential when planning and coordinating a destination marquee wedding as set up and strike often takes place over a number of days depending on the size of the wedding and it's essential to have suppliers who are experienced and knowledgeable with this type of set up.

A huge thank you goes to all the wedding suppliers who I work in close collaboration with.

If you are planning a destination wedding, please do not hesitate to contact me for any assistance you may need. 

My wedding services are listed on my website and each aspect is tailor-made to your requirements. 

Images below are for a wedding I conceptualised and coordinated for Jean-Jacques and Liezl Jordaan in April 2018.

Photographs by Justin and Simone.





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