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30 Sep 2015

What does a Wedding Planner do?

By Ursula Forrest |

Photo Credit: Lauren Kriedemann I recently sat down with one of our brides and she asked me this exact question. Although it is obvious to a wedding planning expert, there are different levels of planning and even different types of wedding planners and coordinators in the industry. In fact, the wedding industry has become such a large industry that there are companies who have  Read More

07 Sep 2015

20 Expert Tips for Wedding Planning

By Ursula Forrest |

Wedding Budget ( Set your wedding budget first as this will determine how much you can spend on each element of your wedding. Work on these ratio’s; 48 -50 % of total budget to wedding reception (/Our-Suppliers/reception-venues); 8-10% for wedding flowers (/Our-Suppliers/wedding-flowers);   Read More

06 Dec 2013

Wedding budget: Who pay’s for what?

By Ursula Forrest |

The traditional rules of the brides vs grooms parents paying for specific expenses are falling away. These days most couples pay for their own wedding with their respective parents contributing towards the overall wedding and in some cases even towards the honeymoon. Having said this, figuring out your wedding budget can be a bit stressful and tricky. Here are some questions you should be   Read More


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