Boutique Bridal Concepts

Social Corporate Responsibility

Boutique Bridal Concepts believes that giving back to the community is essential!  We would like others less fortunate to mutually benefit from our success.

Our SCR objectives are two prong – to improve qualitatively (help empower and train abused/destitute woman with the skills required to work in the Wedding industry) and secondly, quantitatively (to reach out to the many less fortunate woman who desire to have a dream wedding dress at an affordable fee and make a positive impact on their wedding).

How we look to achieve CSR:

We believe that giving back to the community is core to everything that we do. For this purpose we will ask all brides to donate their used wedding dresses to Boutique Bridal Concepts.

We will then run a service whereby we hire these dresses to less privileged woman helping them make their dream wedding come true. All monies collected from the rental of these dresses will be donated to a beneficiary selected by the members of our company. We are still looking to find a special charity to work with that will also encompass our values of passion, innovation, inspiration, commitment and symbiosis.

In addition to this, we will look to train and empower these woman for our wedding event company, up-skilling them so that they can earn an income and find financial independence so that they can rehabilitate their lives.